New MeeGo Portal

New MeeGo Portal

We've launched a new area of the Intel AppUp developer program focused on developing applications for MeeGo. Check it out! Some good information here including - Links to MeeGo SDK and Qt resources - Overview of MeeGo & Qt - A list of various development environments & tools to start creating apps - Walk-thru dual booting a netbook with MeeGo 1.1 - A look at building a game in Qt Quick QML - Code example for Web Runtime, which allows you to turn HTML into an application.
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MeeGo rocks! :)
But when will the AppUp client for MeeGo be?

You can a beta client now for MeeGo to test development. We just posted it

MeeGo Can use in other processor?

The MeeGo content looks fantastic. Thanks Bob.

I'll be putting MeeGo on the shelf next to CP/M, Desqview, and Dos.
Right there by Zork, and quickstar, and xtree.

Yep, it does rock. We are getting the client & SDK ready, look early next year.

Meantime we want to start MeeGo development ASAP. We have a contest if you are interested Start developing and post an article to help other developers learn. We'll then get more information out about our SDK and client after the contest.

Thank you!
I'll try something.

Is there any change in dead line? as we saw the post lately and coming up with good strategies to help community.

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