Default Handler Samples in C#

Default Handler Samples in C#

Are there any default (camera) handlers available in C#?

I have not used C++ and the example provided is difficult for me to navigate and understand.

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Hi Daniel,

There are some C# examples included with the MCA SDK. For MCA SDK v3.1, take a look in the following folder:

C:\Program Files\Intel\MCA\Examples\CSharp


Hi Steve,

Thanks for your response. I had already found the CSharp examples, but it is definitely a default handler that I would prefer.

I have managed to capture a "callback with data" from the camera within a Windows Form, but this only works when my form is the active window. I'd really rather capture all button events regardless of which window is active (excluding any apps with specific settings of course).

I have tried to open the C++ default handler at:
C:\Program Files\Intel\MCA\DHDK\Examples\CameraDefaultHandler

Visual Studio 2010 did a conversion on this but the resulting solution does not build. I get an error saying:
Error error LNK1120: 11 unresolved externals CameraDefaultHandler.dll

I also get a further 11 individual errors regarding the unresolved external symbols.

If possible, could you provide some pointers on how best to get this sample defaulthandler up and running? From a quick glance at the DHDK developer guide, this doesn't seem all that straightforward as I will need to implement the "GetSupportedButtonTypes" "CreateHandlerInstance" and "DestroyHandlerInstance" functions and an Implementation class "DHDK_CameraDefaultHandler".

Or perhaps it will just be easier to implement a new WinForm (to preview the camera/capture frames) and use the exe as the default handler.

Thanks again,


Hi Daniel,

If you usethe default handler, then you will always be limited to just capturing thebutton eventsin the focus window.To capture button events in non-focus windows you would need to use the MCA API and build the customapplication you want.

We can certainly help whichever way you want to go, but let me know if you want to go down the default handler path, or using the API and writing something custom.


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