Some times Image quality loses after a few pictures...

Some times Image quality loses after a few pictures...

I have used the to interface with the camera deviceon Panasonic tablet PC.

I have a windows form with a picture box. I reserve the device on creation of the form and each time I load the form Istart the preview in the picture box.
I have a button on the form and in its click event handler I capture frame and store the image in an in memory collection.
On dispose opf the form I release the device.

The problem I have noticed is that while capturing pictures multiple times ocassionallythe picture quality goes bad, e.g. 1st photo OK, 2nd photo has a color noise instead of black, 3rd photo has completely different color.

What could be the reason?

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Hi Samir,

Part of the MCA validation testing is to take hundreds of consecutive photos and verify that they are all captured and quality is good. So the issue you are experiencing should not be happening.

Having said that, the MCA software does not actually control the image of the photo. The MCA software activates the camera, but the camera hardware, firmware, and drivers are all provided by the MCA tablet manufacturer. You may have to contact Panasonic in this case to get the latest software for the camera or check to see if this is an issue they have seen before.

Before contacting Panasonic I would suggest trying these things:

1. Check Panasonic web site to see if there are updated drivers or camera firmware available.

2. Check to see if the problem occurs on more than one tablet if you have multiple tablets to test. It may be a problem with the camera hardware on this tablet

3. Try taking pictures with the camera outside of the MCA software to see if the same problem exists.


Hi Steve,

Thanks for the clarification and suggestions. It could be an issue with the hardware or the drivers, I will check if I can take pictures outside MCA software on the PC and see if the problem is there.

I will inform you if I can find anything.


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