Is there a way to read the rfid tags with an application being in the background- for example a service or in the system tray? It seems it works only for applications having a window AND a focus or something. This is the same for button events. I would like to get the event always- no matter if my window is minimized or not.

Thank You very much.

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The button press event will always be sent to the window with focus only just using the MCA default handler. This is because there is no other way for the MCA software to determine where the event should go. If it was not written this way there could be other applications that would get the button event at the same time and try to use the device causing contention.

To change the default behavior, you will need to program something specific to your application using the MCA APIs. The MCA APIs give direct control of the MCA devices (Camera, Barcode, and RFID) to the programmer. Language-specific source code example applications are provided for each language the MCA software supports. These applications are designed to give developers a head start in understanding and developing applications with the Intel MCA SDK. Each programming example focuses on the control of specific peripherals (RFID, barcode, camera, and buttons), using either the actual peripherals or the loopback plug-ins. Take a look at the samples which demonstrates common and basic API calls for communicating with these peripherals.


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