Specialized Handling of Code 128 barcodes

Specialized Handling of Code 128 barcodes

New member, I've searched the forum and couldn't find anything addressing my question.

I need my barcode scanner to ignore (not transmit) any Code 128 barcode with data in the following patient account number format: The letter "N" followed by 11-numeric characters. Any Code 128 barcode with any other data needs to scan successfully. This is intended to disallow the scanning of patient lables while allowing medications with a Code 128 barcode.

I would appreciate any ideas or assistance. Thank you.

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Hi cspindle_bch.

This is not possible to do with simple configuration, but it could be done by a software developer if you were to customize the MCA default handler. Take a look at the Default Handler Development Kit (DHDK) that is included with the MCA SDK download(c:\program files\intel\mca\dhdk). There is a Developer Guide and severalcode samples to look at in the DHDK directory that should give you some ideas on how to approach this customization.


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