MCA Java, is a JFrame/window required ??

MCA Java, is a JFrame/window required ??

I'm trying to make a background process/service that will capture the data acquired from Barcode scanner/RFID/Camera, etc on a Panasonic H2(or Motion F5for that matters)...

I'm altering the buttenDemo to strip out all the GUI code and it fails with an error when I try to
add the listner.

I guess as a second part to the question is...

All I need to do is capture the data, format it in XML and send it off to an IP port.
Is there any examples of aneasier way to do it ??


buttons = new Buttons(null);

buttons.addBarcodesScannedEventListener(barcodeScannedEL = new IBarcodeScannedEventListener() ...);

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException


at com.dbwiz.JACE_Pipe.test.barcodeButton.(

at com.dbwiz.JACE_Pipe.test.barcodeButton.main(

frame = new JFrame("Hidden frame");

buttons = new Buttons(frame);

buttons.addBarcodesScannedEventListener(barcodeScannedEL = new IBarcodeScannedEventListener() ... );


Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: unable to register button callback. btnType



at com.dbwiz.JACE_Pipe.test.barcodeButton.barcodeActionPerformed(

at com.dbwiz.JACE_Pipe.test.barcodeButton.enableActions(

at com.dbwiz.JACE_Pipe.test.barcodeButton.(

at com.dbwiz.JACE_Pipe.test.barcodeButton.main(

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Hi janrune,

The sample programs such as the buttondemo will always send the data to the window with focus only by default. The demo programs will not run as a background process or service. This is because there is no other way for the MCA software to determine where the event should go. If it was not written this way there could be other applications that would get the button event at the same time and try to use the device causing contention.

To really do a custom implementation you would need to write your own code calling the MCA APIs as needed. The list of MCA APIs for each interface are listed in the HELP directory of the

MCA SDK installation. For example:

Java = C:\Program Files\Intel\MCA\Help\Java_APIhelp-doc.html
.Net = C:Program Files\Intel\MCA\Help\MCA .Net API.chm
C Interface = C:\Program Files\Intel\MCA\Help\C_APIindex.html

The MCA APIs give direct control of the MCA devices (Camera, Barcode, and RFID) to the programmer. Language-specific source code example applications/ These applications are designed to give developers a head start in understanding and developing applications with the Intel MCA SDK. Each programming example focuses on the control of specific peripherals (RFID, barcode, camera, and buttons), using either the actual peripherals or the loopback plug-ins.


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