Barcode problem with MCA 3.1

Barcode problem with MCA 3.1

Hello, this is my problem.
I've integrated into an application written in Delphi7 the barcode reading without addressing the data to a textbox or similar object, implementing the CallbackNoData through the COM interface. All this worked fine on a series on Motion F5V with MCA 3.0 installed. Now the customer has upgraded all the units to MCA 3.1 (without testing first on a single unit), and he is complaining the software doesn't work anymore. I upgraded my development environment to MCA SDK 3.1, rebuilt the unit IntelHealthcareSDK_TLB.pas and recompiled the application. The only thig I cannot do is intercept the barcode button press. Here is an excerpt of the log file, taken at DEBUG level, and the strange thing I see (starting at line 72) is that it seems my application fails to register the event with the ButtonHandler, despite the first line of the log says I have requested the registration.
The BtnBarcodeDemoNet, supplied in the Examples folder, works well (see the second log file).
Any ideas ?
Thanks in advance.

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Hi Rodolfo,

In the log provided for the developed application, we noticed that the default action was executed. This means either the window which was registered for the barcode event (CallbackNoData) was not in the focus during the barcode button press or something in the MCA functionality related to finding the top window is failing. The button communication and the functionalities related to finding the top level windows has been upgraded in the MCA 3.1 release, but we have not seen issues with the change in our validation testing.

We would be interested testing with your application to produce the error. Would it be possible for you to provide the application (.exe) to us to test with? We do not need the source code of the application, just the exe. If you are agreeable to this I will send you a private with instructions on where to email it.



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