How can I use both cameras in motion tablet F5v?

How can I use both cameras in motion tablet F5v?

I've an
F5v tablet from motion computing. What i like to do, is working paralel with
both cameras (to take a picture), one at the front, one at the back
side. The mca sdk provides two kinds of constructors for the camera. If I
use the first one (camera(), without parameters), I only can operate
the back camera (or the front camera, if I change parameters in config editor). Maybe it is possible with the second constructor. There
I can put in an devicefriendlyname, but I'm not sure about this and the
syntax. I took the name from the device manager (win7). It doesn't
work. Any idea? Thanks a lot

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Hello noid26,

Can you tell me what version of MCA software you are using? If you are using MCA software 3.1 you should be able to specify which camera you would like to call. If you are using an older version of MCA software (like 2.x)only one camera is supported.

Also, if you could attach the MCA configuration file you are using that would help us understand the configuration.


Hello Steve,

thank you for your fast answer. I haven't the tablet avaiable in this moment, but I remembered, that it's version 3.0. Somebody told me that's the version which is supported by Motion Computin for this tablet. I have to try to update the tablet, right?

Thank you so much

Hello noid26,

MCA version 3.0 should work with dual cameras. However, I would encourage you to update to MCA 3.1.1 which is available from the the Motion Computing web site at this URL:

You can simply updated by installing the new version over the old version, but in this case where it is not working correctly. I would advise to uninstall MCA 3.0 from the system first, reboot, then install MCA 3.1.1 so we know we are on a fresh install.

If it is still not working at that point,then please attach your MCA configuration file and we'll investigate deeper.


Hi Steve,

I will follow your instructions and send you a feedback these days. I will call the divices with the second constructor (with params), right? Is there anything what I must have in mind about the syntax of the constructor parameter?

Thanks a lot

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