Java - NullPointerException in VersionCheck.getJavaVersionInfo

Java - NullPointerException in VersionCheck.getJavaVersionInfo

Hi all- I've been working the past few days on refactoring a Java RCP application to run on the C5v tabletyet running into an issue that has me stumped. I was hoping someone might be able to offer some words of wisdom or point me towards something/someone who might be able to.

Specifically, I'm getting a NullPointerException as follows:

at doc.scheduletrack.entities.McaScanner.configureScanner(
at doc.scheduletrack.entities.McaScanner.(
at doc.scheduletrack.model.db.Scanner.activate(

My source code looks like:

public class McaScanner {
   public static java.awt.Frame mcaComponent;
   Composite swtComposite = new Composite(parent, SWT.EMBEDDED);
   mcaComponent = SWT_AWT.new_Frame(swtComposite);
   scannerButton = new Buttons(mcaComponent);                <---- line # 72

I've checked the MCA SDK help documents/examples/forums, and can't find any mention of this. If you have worked with RCP (Eclipse) plugins before, this is being implemented within an RCP application, which is why I have to obtain the Frame component the way shown above. Preferrably I'd like to add the IBarcodeScannedEventListener to something other than a GUI Component, but since this doesn't appear possible I'm using the Frame instance as shown above.

An interesting twist is that this code runs with no exception on a WinXP desktop machine which has the SDK installed...

Thanks in advance for any info possible =)


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Hi Thomas,

I have asked our MCA developers to take a look at this. Can ou tell me what version of the MCA software you are using?


Hi Steve - I'm using MCA SDK v3.0 (downloaded from Intel MCA SDK site about 3 weeks ago), and the CV5 is also running a Platform Driver version 3.0.x (I can get the exact version # when I get back to the office).

If it helps (or confuses things more) I'm able to successfully run the Java barcode demo (code example included with the SDK) on the tablet.

Thanks for taking a look at this...

Hi Thomas,

It looks like you are usinglater version of MCA SDK and trying to port the application in to an earlier version of MCA Platorm Driver installed on the Motion C5. If you could confirm whether or not they are both v3.0 that would help us diagnose the issue.


Hi Steve - the version of the PD that I stated (3.0.x) was provided by the Vendor, but they also gave directions on how to confirm that...I'll double-check when I get back to the office/tablet, and hopefully it'll be a simple fix of switching to a more appropriate SDK version. Thanks for your help and efforts on this... I'll post again when I have concrete facts.

Hi Steve - back in the office today...checked Control Panel/Programs & Features/Intel MCA Platform Driver, it's listing a version for the tablet.

In checking the SDK on my developer workstation, it is version (third segment is only difference when compared to PD version).

Hope this helps...

One more bit of information - when I go via Start/Programs/Intel/MCA Platform Driver/MCA Configuration Editor/Help/About, the tablet reports a MCA Platform Driver version, rather than what the Control Panel widget is reporting.

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