Barcode prefix removal

Barcode prefix removal

I know there is a method in the configuration files to add a prefix (and suffix) to a scanned barcode. Is there a way through configuration to remove a prefix or take a portion of the scanned barcode to pass on?

I'm currently configured to launch a custom .exe when the barcode is scanned and I accept the input unaltered. While I know I can manipulate within this .exe, I'm attempting to see if this can be done without a code change and make it more of a device specific configuration.

Any thoughts?

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Unfortunately there is not a way to do that in the MCA default handler.

We do provide the source code for the MCA default handler in the DHDK directory under Examples. You can modify and make a code change for your own exe. If you elects to make a code change in your exe, then we would highly recommend that you write the exe to get a callback with data (register the application to have the barcode scanned and sent directly to your app through IPC when the barcode button is pressed), or a callback without data and just run the scan entirely on your own.



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