RFID Scan Callback

RFID Scan Callback


i am currently developing an app [edit: in C# using the MCA SDK 3.0]that makes use of the rfid reader (tough-book). serval rfids should be scanned. the scan should be started when an button in the app is pressed, and stopped when another one is pressed.

if a rfid is scanned i have to do a lookup in a database and update an ui. so i was looking for a opportunity to do a callback each time a tag is scanned.

i considered starting the scan in another thread and then just continuously looking in the rfid property. but that's not a good solution.

is there a way for a callback when a rfid is scanned? (like in the pc/sc api)
if yes - please tell me how, cause i am realy stuck (and i can imagine that the solution might be quite simple, but i just cant find it).

thanx a lot

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I spoke with our developers about this and I believe you will have to do the programming yourself to accomplish this. It wont happen as a result of a default or callback with data action. You will need to do a callback without data action. This means that your application registers for a button press. You get a callback to the function you designate in the registration letting the application know that the rfid button was pressed, and you can take over from there. So the steps would be something like this:

1)Reserve the rfid device

2)Start the scan

a.Do not use a waitfor tag statement as this will stop the scan when a tag is found

3)Then you will need to determine when to stop the scan, and call stopscan. (This could be tricky depending on the language you are using, and what will trigger the state when they want to stop scanning)

4)Loop through the captured rfid tags for the data you need

5)Release the rfid device

Another possibility might be to immediately start the scan going after each tag returns until they are done scanning. In this case, you will want to set the shutdown type for the rfid device to delayed shutdown or always power on. Refer to section 9.8 of the MCA SDK developers guide for explanations. This will make the successive scans much faster, but they will get an audible indication at the end of each scan and the beginning of each new scan. You could use a callback with data action in this case.



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