The reader can read datamatrix codes ?

The reader can read datamatrix codes ?

Hi Steve,The readercanread datamatrix codes?if so,how it is configured?

Thank you very much.Posses

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Data matrix works from an Intel MCA software point of view. To configure it, you need to make sure that Data matrix is enabled through the MCA configuration file editor at both the plug-in level and the button handler or default handler level depending on what mechanism you are using to get data into your applications. On occasion, there have been issues with having two conflicting symbologies enabled at the same time, but I dont believe Data matrix was one of those that had that potential. If you do have trouble, you can try disabling all of the other barcode types except Data matrix to see if that potential exists for you.

See attachment for what the configuration pages look like on a Motion C5 (they may be a little different between each OEM tablet).

One other note, you should open the MCA configuration file editor in admin mode by opening from a command prompt, and providing the a command line parameter:

C:\program files\intel\mca\bin> cfgeditor -a




Downloadapplication/rtf Datamatrix.rtf11.68 MB

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