RFID Device unresponsive

RFID Device unresponsive

I am having trouble trying to use the RFID reader after transfering the code from the devolpment to the tablet. I am getting the error log below. The PD and the SDK are the same 2.0 version.

R [2010-12-21 11:04:14.765] {S0-P3012-T2688} [HDF] Process name={C:\\Program Files\\Java\\jdk1.6.0_23\\bin\\java.exe} id={3012} attached.
R [2010-12-21 11:04:14.781] {S0-P3012-T2688} [PCF] Loaded {Twinhead Device Control}. Plugin Version {}, Driver Version {}, Firmware Version {}.
R [2010-12-21 11:04:15.984] {S0-P3012-T2688} [PCF] Loaded {Twinhead RFID Device}. Plugin Version {}, Driver Version {2.212}, Firmware Version {1.23}.
E [2010-12-21 11:04:16.203] {S0-P3012-T1648} [RF_PLUGIN] (X) The RDINT_ISO15693AutoInventory4Antennas() failed.
E [2010-12-21 11:04:21.109] {S0-P3012-T2688} [RfidReader] Device is in a unresponsive state.
W [2010-12-21 11:04:21.109] {S0-P3012-T2688} [Device] Reset: Device unresponsive, attempting hard reset...
W [2010-12-21 11:04:21.109] {S0-P3012-T2784} [DC_PLUGIN] PS_OperationUnsupported in PI_DeviceReset(DID_RfidReader)
E [2010-12-21 11:04:22.500] {S0-P3012-T2528} [RF_PLUGIN] (X) The RDINT_AntennaControl() failed.
E [2010-12-21 11:04:22.500] {S0-P3012-T2528} [PCF] Destroy: PI_PowerDown failed

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Hello healthcast,

It appears the RFID reader on the tablet is disabled or otherwise not working.

Can you tell me what MCA tablet you are using?
Do you see the same problem with more than one MCA tablet?
Have you tried multiple RFID tags?
Can you set the MCA log file to debug level, capture the failure, and then send me the log file to look at?


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