simulation buttons not working

simulation buttons not working

verion 3.0 of mca, the sample barcode .net app compiled and ran, but the Shift-F1 did not work and the configuration editor does not list the simulation buttons as per the documentation. The MCA application is running, visible in tool tray.

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Hi dreabc

How are you testing SHIFT-F1?

The easiest way to test this is to open Notepad, make it the active window, and then press SHIFT-F1 and the MCA will populate the simulate barcode value into Notepad. For the SHIFT-F1 function to work you must have a application open and waiting for the data input from the SHIFT-F1 action.

The other thing that cause a problem is if you have the MCA tool tray application running, but the IntelHealthCare service disabled. Both need to be running.



thanks but still nothing. I checked to tool tray and the services. tried the notepad and button test app in the Intel...bin folder. The test barcode net app does read a bar code when the mouse button is pressed. I reinstalled the SDK for 2.0.1 as that matches the drivers on the target.

OK DU! had the F Lock which reassgns the F keys on this laptop. Thank anyway.

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