MCA 3.0 SDK Information & Changes

MCA 3.0 SDK Information & Changes


Does anyone have comparison of MCA SDK 2.0 versus 3.0?
(Benefits, changes, limitations, etc.)

We have heard there were changes, such as limiting the intelhealthcare.cfg file access.
Does anyone know if this is true? If it is, will this limit deployment of user configuration via .cfg file?


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Hello rman11,

In the readme of the SDK 3.0 download there is a list of changes. I have copied them here.

Support for developing and running under Microsoft Windows 7* has been added.

Support for developing in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 has been added.


.Net compatibility of major versions through version 3.5 SP1 has been added.

JDK compatibility with version 1.6 has been added.

All known fully compliant ISO15693 RFID tags are now supported.

Camera portrait mode support has been added, so that when enabled, the camera preview and image capture will match the desktop rotation settings. Enable this feature through the MCA Configuration Editor.

The camera default handler now remembers the last used file save location and type. If an application has been configured with its own default handler settings, then the file type and location will be remembered for that application separately.

A second RFID default handler has been created. This default handler reads the UID from an RFID tag, and inserts it into the keyboard input buffer similar to the way the barcode default handler works. This default handler is referred to as the "windowless" RFID default handler. The original default handler comes preconfigured as the active one, so to use the windowless default handler, select it using the MCA Configuration File Editor. See the MCA SDK Developer Guide for details on how to do this.

Visual Studio 2005 development using SDK version 3.0 is not supported, and may cause undesirable results. SDK version 2.1 and lower support Visual Studio 2005.

Document Number: PLAN-SDK3.0_ReleaseNote_022610

Support for multiple instances of the same camera make and model connected simultaneously has been added. To use this feature, the cameras must be distinguished from one another, and it is necessary to select the serial number for each camera in the MCA Configuration Editor.


John C

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