Barcode Scanner timeouts

Barcode Scanner timeouts


I am currently developing against the motion C5/F5 tablet. PD 1.1 using v3 of the SDK.

I have made a simple application that uses the callback with data feature of the SDK to receive the value of a barcode after the button on the tablet has been pressed and barcode scanned.

The issue I have is that everything works great the first time I press the button and scan the barcode but the second time the scanner fails to fire up. I hear a sort of error sound effect.

If I wait 30seconds or so from after I have scanned the first barcode there is no problem and it runs fine. I am assuming that the device isn't being released properly after the first scan has finishes and is sitting there waiting to timeout.

I am using the IntelHealthcare_com.dll with Delphi, which is incediently labelled as version 2.1.

Is there any special I should be doing with the ReleaseDevice method that I'm missing?


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The PD and the SDK need to be the same version please download the latest PD from Motion.

You might want to start clean on your tablet by uninstalling the PD and then reinstalling the version that matches your SDK.


John C

After updated the PD the problem seemed to be solved.


By the way the when you import the component into Delphi using IntelHealthcare_com.dll it is labelled as version 2.1 in the v3 SDK.

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