IntelHealthcare.cfg - not picking up prefix/suffix

IntelHealthcare.cfg - not picking up prefix/suffix


Can anyone please indicate why information in an IntelHealthcare.cfg file is not being 'actioned'?

We are using a Panasonic CF-H1andwant specific prefix and suffix (postfix) characters when a barcode is scanned with the inbuilt barcode reader. We have therefore duly followed Panasonic's instructions for this in a document 'CF-H1 Support_20090717.pdf' in relation to advising these codes to the Intel MCA config.

On scanning a code however the expected characters are not displayed. In Notepad we have a ]d1 that appears to prefix a code(assume this a default tab or something?) and no suffix.

If wepeek atthe IntelHealthcare.cfg file in Notepad we can see it has the relevant BC-BarcodePrefix = < and BC-BarcodePostfix = > lines i.e. the changes made havebeen pickedup and written to the cfg file.We have also tried using 'VK' codes of {VK60} and {VK62} respectively.

The unit has been restarted after changes to be on the safe side.

Is there anything else that needs to be done to get the expected config to operate (and for us to get the prefix and postfix characters)? We assumed the cfg file is 'executed' automatically but is there some tool we're not aware of that needs to be run or something?

Many thanks in advance.

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Please find the windows virtual key code list in this thread ( we have referred to the link for a list of the Windows virtual key (VKxxx) codes.

In that list please find the VK values for the characters , and . as 0xBC and 0xBE respectively.

Symbolic constant

Hexadecimal value

Mouse or keyboard equivalent



"," any country/region



"." any country/region

1. Convert the hex values to decimal values as below

0xBC (hex) = 188 (decimal)

0xBE (hex) = 190 (decimal)

2. Now if we use the values {VK188} or {VK190} in the Prefix/Postfix fields those would add , and . respectively.

3. Include a {SHIFT} key along with the above VK values to add the below mentioned desired characters. So, {SHIFT}+{VK188} would add < character and {SHIFT}+{VK190} would add > character.

Note: Refer to the forum topic for some related information on configuring barcode prefix and/or postfix for each application

Thank you very much for the reply on this.

It appears to have done the trick.

We also had to change the BC-IncludeAIMSI setting from a 1 to 0 to remove an extra prefix.

Smiles all round.


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