Compatibility issue with ISO 15693 tags and MCA Platform Driver 3.x

Compatibility issue with ISO 15693 tags and MCA Platform Driver 3.x

Dear all,

Since the launch of the
Intel MCA SDK version 3.0, Intel clearly states All known fully compliant
ISO15693 RFID tags are now supported
(see page 6 of Intel SDK 3.0 release note).

We would
expect the new Intel MCA platform driver (version, available for
download on Motion Computing website, to support a wider range of ISO 15693 tags.

a customer in Italy is reporting the NXP tags can still not be read, neither on
a C5 nor on a C5v, using the latest version of Intel MCA Platform driver

Here are
the technical specifications of the faulty tags :

Tag HF ISO 15693

Freq.13,56 MHz

Chip IC NXP (Philips) I-Code SLI-L ICS50

UID 64 bit

Total memory 256 bits (8 blocks of 4 bytes)

FYI, I've been able to read the faulty tags using the Texas Instrument diagnosis tool for the TRF 7960 reader that is embedded in the Motion C5/C5v.

Any suggestion ?

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Hello rrobineau,

We need to see a DEBUG log of the issue so can you please set the logging to DEBUG level and then scan the tags in question. Please attach the logs to this thread. We would need to see the log file to help us determine what is happening here. Also if possible can you send samples of the tags in question to Motion Computing so that they can forward to us. We dont have these tags and would like to do some testing on our end with them.


John C

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