The SDK took control of the F2 key?

The SDK took control of the F2 key?

Hi all,

Our CM person installed the SDK on his build machine last week so he could build my MCA camera project. Now when he uses F2 to rename a folder in Explorer an RFD Tag Data dialog pops up instead. Seems like the SDK could be the only thing making this happen, but it doesn't make sense. He's not even doing any development. He has Windows Server 2008.


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This is comming from the SDK

You can change the key assignments for button simulation in the config editor as shown here:

You are either pressing the shift key and F2 to try to rename the file/folder or the Simulate with Modifier has been switched to false. In any case, you can change the modifier key to something else, or the function key for the rfid simulated button press to something else on this screen.


John c

Thanks for the reply, butyour image doesn't display and I searched the MCA Config Editor and couldn't find any key assignment options. Where should I be looking? Thanks!


ETA: GOT IT! I discovered the MCA app in the tray, chose "Exit" et voila!

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