IntelHealthCareSDK.dll , Visual Studio 2008 C#

IntelHealthCareSDK.dll , Visual Studio 2008 C#


We are currently developing a bar code reader application fora motion computing C5 unit, but we are having the following problem. In our project everytime we try to use for example bcReader = new BarcodeReader(); the program will crash saying its unable to load the IntelHealthCareSDK.DLL, but if I do the same on their sample projects it works fine. Here is what I have done on my project and still does not work.
added a reference to Intel.Healthcare.DLL under the program files\\sdk\\bin

using Intel.Healthcare;
using Intel.Healthcare.Device;
using Intel.Healthcare.Exception;

3-define the object

BarcodeReader bcReader;

4- this is where I get the error
bcReader = new BarcodeReader();

anyone has any ideas?


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It is not clear from you post if you are getting this error on the C5 or on a development work station.


John C

John, it was on a workstation. But it also seems I was using the wrong version of the SDK, my C5 has 2.0 installed, and my work station was on sdk 3.0 (different problem). I am downloading verision 2.0 sdk now, and hopefully ill get better luck. but to confirm the problem I had with 3.0 was on the workstation. thanks for taking your time to look into this.

Yes the SDK and the PD need to be the same version.

Ok, so the 2.0 seems to work out pretty good, thanks for the help. but one a different subject, is it possible to keep the scanner light on, so there is no delay between scans?

I will need to do some research, how would you know when to turn it off?

The idea is when the batch is completed, my app would then turn the barcode reader off automatically, so almost something like, on form load turn scan on, on form unload turn scan off, if batch completed turn scan off.

Not sure this was the best idea, but what I just did was this, created a thread that keeps on scanning one after the other.

Barcodes barcodes;

while (!StopReading)




bcReader = new BarcodeReader();




barcodes = bcReader.Barcodes;

foreach (Barcode barcode in barcodes)


//ListViewItem lvItem;

string[] barcodeStr = new string[3];

barcodeStr[0] = barcode.Type.ToString();

barcodeStr[1] = barcode.Value;

barcodeStr[2] = barcode.AIMSI;



//this.Text = barcodeStr[1].ToString();



//lvItem = new ListViewItem(barcodeStr);




//if (!StopReading)

// LaunchBarCode();


catch (Exception exc)





Best Reply

Hello znwpta,

There are a couple of things possible here.

Preferred method:

1) Use StartScan and StopScan instead of StartScan and WaitforBarcode. The application will continuously scan barcodes, and the light will not turn off.

Basically something like this:

Reserve barcode device

Start Scan

Keep checking for barcodes until all needed barcodes have been scanned (Use first barcode, next barcode type calls)

Stop Scan

Release barcode device

Other possibility

2) If you are using the a solution similar to the sample code from the forum, then you should set the Shutdown Type for the barcode reader to delayed shutdown, so that it takes less time between scans. The shutdown happens invisible to the user during the release device.

Hope this helps

John c

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