Controlling the Camera of MCA

Controlling the Camera of MCA

Hello Everybody,

I am just new to this forum, even to whole SDK things!

I am trying to control the camera of my MCA through my program (c++, MS visual studio 2005). Mainly, I want to be able to play with the digital zoom from whithin my program, probably nothing else.

Is there actually a imple sample code for such (or similar) task? I would appreciate any support in this regard.

Best, Zeno

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There are two types of zoom for a camera device, one is optical zoom the other is digital zoom. The optical zoom support comes from the camera hardware and mainly achieved from the lens etc. Whereas the digital zoom is more likely to be handled from the software.

Some of the cameras in MCA has optical zoom capability. There are some helpful C APIs available to work with this camera feature.

Search for CA_GetSupportedOptions, CA_GetOptionRange(), CA_SetOptionValue() etc. APIs in C help documentation of your MCA SDK.

Also there is some C\C++ example code in the \Examples\C\CameraDemo folder in your MCA SDK installation folder, which can be a good start for your work.

Also there is some scaling support for the captured image from your camera, please refer CA_SetImageScaleSize() API in C help documentation of your MCA SDK. But this is applicable to the captured image only and cannot be used for the video preview.

There might be multiple ways to accomplish the digital zoom in your application, which is beyond scope of the MCA forum and other members can help you in that.


John C


thanks, John,

I actually meant digital zoom.


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