MCA SDK RFID 14443 Demo Application

MCA SDK RFID 14443 Demo Application

Anyone intrested in the MCA SDK RFID 14443 Demo Application please contact us via the fourm.
This is sample source code which only works with a TI-7960 reader that demonstrates how to do the first steps of selecting a 14443 rfid tag for communication. It doesnt make use of the MCA SDK, but it shows how a developer might start work on such an application.

There is no support for this code and it is provided as is.

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Hi, can I please get a copy of this test app (MCA SDK RFID 14443 Demo Application) and the code? I'm trying to read MiFare classic cards on the Motion Computing tablet that apparently uses this chipset.

I would like to get a copy of this demo application if possible.




I'm interested inthatcode, you maybe able to sendthem to me?

The MCA SDK RFID 14443 Demo Application zip fileis attached to this reply.



Downloadapplication/zip RFID_14443.zip346.72 KB

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