Rfid 14443 with CF-H1

Rfid 14443 with CF-H1

Hello everybody

We're using RFID14443.exe demo for reading a RFID tagon Motion C5 tablet PC and it works fine. We're trying to read the same tag on Panasonic CF-H1 but it doesn't work. With any COM port we try the message is can't acces COM port. Can anybody help me?

Thanks, Nicola

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Hi Nicola,

Each MCA hardware manufacturer may have different default configurations for the MCA software and the hardware components like the barcode and RFID readers. Usually the quickest way to figure this out is to look at the configuration files you have on the working system and compare them with the configuration files on the system that is not working. In the case of the MCA software, you can compare the MCA configuration file which is C:\Program Files\Intel\MCA\Bin\IntelHealthcare.cfg by default. You should also compare the configuration files for the RFID reader as well.

If nothing obvious appears then the next thing you could do would be to take a look at the MCA log file to see what may be occurring. The log file (MCA.log) is stored in the C:\Temp directory by default. For detailed event information you can set the file to capture events in debug mode. Here are the recommended steps:

1. Open the MCA configuration file (C:\Program Files\Intel\MCA\Bin\IntelHealthcare.cfg) in Notepad

2. Set the log file to debug mode by setting the following configuration parameter:

/Intel/HealthcareSDK/Logging/DefaultLevel = DEBUG

3. Save the MCA configuration file and exit from Notepad

4. Delete the existing MCA log file (C:\Temp\MCA.log). A new log file will be created automatically on the next event.

5. Reproduce the event or failure you are trying to capture

6. Save or move the MCA log file into another location. The quicker the better after reproducing the event so that the log file only captures data relative to the issue you are trying to troubleshoot.

7. This is optional, but you may want to go back into the MCA configuration file now at set the logging level back to the default setting of WARN to eliminate the capture of all the debug events.

If you do this on both systems and then compare the working log file to the log file of the system that is not working you should get a good indication of what is happening.



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