Bar Coding on C5 Motion Computing Tablet

Bar Coding on C5 Motion Computing Tablet

Question: We have c5 tablets from motion computing. The built-in bar code scanner is not working as we had hoped:

We have a program that accepts bar code input to pull up different records from the database. It works fine if I plug in a Metrologic MS9520 USB Scanner but does not register correctly if I use the built-in scanner on the side of the tablet.

The prefixes we added to the Metrologic are:

Prefix 1 - 175 (*Ctrl + )

Prefix 2 - 092 (' \\ ')

it also looks like it adds a carriage return or line feed automatically. This works.

Since the tablet's scanner uses Intel's MCA (Mobile Clinical Assistant), I tried to emulate these key strokes through VK's. So I tried this in the prefix:



{VK013} as the postfix.

This will queue up the program to expect a barcode, but it returns a 'bar code invalid' error code. If I leave off the {VK013}, it will say 'Took too long to scan bar code' then 'bar code invalid'. So, I know that the prefix is initiating the function to start looking for a bar code, and I know that the Virtual Key Stroke for the Enter key ends the message, but something is not right. Something else is different about how the data is being passed to the software.

Any ideas?

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Also I dissected a bar code and it is 128. The first character being passed after Start-A is 10101111000 (FS). I think this is part of the problem. If I turn on the 'use virtual key press for data' option, it will append a '' to the beginning of the data string. Is MCA passing that character as the '\|' button instead of FS? Is there a way to force it to pass FS?

Sorry for the delayed response. I missed your post for some reason and just noticed it today.

The way you are doing it should work. The {VK220} only passes the \ or forward slash. Prepending the {VK162} however will press the control key while pressing the forward slash key, so I dont know what that looks like. It doesnt seem to be a printable character. Also the hard return or {VK013} is correct as well.

You should start by putting in just the {VK220} for prefix, and {VK013} for postfix, then open up the notepad, scan a barcode with notepad in focus and see what you get. You should see the \ then your barcode, and then there should be a hard return so that the cursor is on the next line.

We now have a key called keyboard buffer injection type, which should probably be set to VKKey with caps compensation. I am not sure if that key has changed names. I know it has changed values at least once, so you need to be careful about the state of the shift and caps lock key if you do not use this setting.

There are also other VKKey values for the control key. You have selected the left control key, but you can use the {CONTROL} string instead. It may be worth trying some of these combinations.

What version of the SDK are you using?




We are also begining an intergation project with the C5 barcode reader and would like to know if you have

any Simulators?

Our Dev team is 2.5k Kilometers from our Test team and we are trying to conserve on Demo Units and cost

Thank you,


Hi Lars,

The MCA SDK software is an emulator in that it will allow you to develop you software application on a development PC using loopbacks in place of the actual barcode and RFID readers.

However if you are looking for something specifically to emulate the barcode reader that Motion Computing uses on their C5, I am not aware of something that will do that. You may check with Motion to see if they have something, but I am not aware of it.

Here is the URL for the MCA SDK download in case you need it:

Just a note on the MCA SDK, make sure you use the same version of the MCA SDK that matches the MCA software on the Motion C5 you are using.



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