Non-Keyboard Wedge Mode

Non-Keyboard Wedge Mode

Is there a structure or general support for MCA to support non-keyboard wedge mode?

Is there a way to configure MCA to support Windows Input Message mode?

If so, how would this be done?


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Hi rman11,

We are currently not aware of any use case where normal Windows event/messages are required for MCA application usage.

If you are referring to the MCA application (running as Too Tray application), it can be configured to button presses only and not any other windows event/message. In a tablet the devices are preconfigured to specific buttons to communicate to the MCA applications. If you were willing to write some code, you can register for such button presses and get a call-back in your code to process further. Apart from that you can develop code to listen to Windows event/message and act on that that by using MCA APIs to interact with the MCA devices.

If you can provide more detail about what you have in mind, we may be able to give you a more specific response.


Hi Steve,

We are wondering if MCA can support USB HID interface for barcode? and if it can would it be more plug an play for it to work.

Eventually we would like to change the input from the barcode through MCA to output the barcode data through Windows Message Input, instead of an active window Keyboard input.

Thank you,

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