MCA- Barcode Data Processing

MCA- Barcode Data Processing

If the barcode scan has control character as prefix, How does MCA interpret the data?

Does MCA do the following? (In regards to interpreting data from a barcode reader/scanner)
a. Pass/simulate the from the barcode data.---> Outputing +barcodedata
b. Ignores the --> Output barcode data
c. Enables the key action (Simulates the Cntrl+b call) --> Performs Cntrl+b action then outputs the barcodedata.

is the Ascii of Cntl+b function call,

The question is determine if MCA will interpret the from the barcode data and perform the action, or ignore the call and just output the data.

Thank you,

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Hi rman11

If the control character is part of the Barcode data itself rather than being configured in the MCA configuration file, then it is the responsibility of the Barcode reader to pass the control characters without manipulating it and the MCA software will pass that to the application without tampering.

Additionally with the help of CFGEditor tool that ships with the MCA Platform Driver, configuration of Barcode prefix and postfix are possible for the default actions. We treat as text, that means if data appears as it is in the MCA configuration file as prefix, then it will appear as text value as it is. We treat some special values like {CONTROL}, {SHIFT}, {ALT}, {ADD}, {VKxxx} as part of the prefix or postfix. If you want to output ASCII character then it has to be written as {CONTROL}+B in prefix string. The description of these keys as appear in the CFGEditor tool gives more details on how to configure all such data. The control characters are sent to keyboard buffer by the MCA application that runs as a tool tray application. The application in focus might handle the input characters differently.

If notepad.exe is in focus, ABC{CONTROL}+HD, then prompt will have ABD as output. CTRL+H is backspace ASCII code 0x07.

If you have notepad.exe in focus, then {CONTROL}+B has no effect. If you have {CONTROL}+H then find-replace window is opened. If you have {CONTROL}+G12, then Goto line dialog box will open and will have 12 as parameter.

Please remember the above information is for the default actions that works with the MCA application.

Let me know if you have additional questions.



In regards to the CFGEditor and the MCA drivers, is it possible to add or configure bar code types that are not on the device? We have a Motion C5 and I have enabled all the symbologies, but still can not scan SCAC type barcodes, which are used by freight companies for their pro numbers.



Hi Scott,

The MCA software currently supports only ISO 15693 tags. I am not familiar with the SCAC type barcodes, is that an ISO 15693 tag?



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