Intel MCA and McAfee Enterprise

Intel MCA and McAfee Enterprise

Has anyone encountered issues where the buttons and call functions stop after McAfee Enterprise 8.0 or higher has been installed?

What we're seeing here is that the camera intiliazes with the message but the preview window never populates.
The same situation occurs for the rfid and barcode as it never stays on and behaves the way it would prior to the McAfee entperise virus scan install.

There is no set policy for the virus scan, and all the drivers and dll are intact.

Any advice?

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Hi rman11,

I am using MCA software V2.1 with McAfee Enterprise 8.5 on my system and it does seem to work fine. I am not sure what to tell you to configure differently though as it is an IT controlled configuration on the platform I have and I am not able to change the setting to experiment with it. I would expect that you could set the MCA application as a trusted application in your McAfee configuration.

Was the MCA software working on the same system using an older version of McAfee? Also, if you are not using MCA 2.1 it may be worth it to give it a try to see if it is a different result for you.

If there are other developers who have seen this please let us know, and also how you resolved it.


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