Barcode continuous scanning/reading

Barcode continuous scanning/reading


I would need to use the Barcode (EA15 Scan Engine) for continuous scanning, not having to press the Barcode button
each time I have toreada barcode.
Is there a way using theparameters in MCA Configuration Editor and/or the Intermec Easyset utility to accomplish this or some programming through MCA API is needed ?

Eventually, it would be useful having the first button pression to enable the scanning and the next to stop it.

With the easySet utility, setting "triggering modes" to "continuous scanning", I can see in the ISCP Terminal window that the barcode is working as I need, but when I exit the utility and try the scanning pressing the barcode button, this operative mode is lost, and the barcode only reads one code.

Thank you.

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Hi Paolo,

There is not a configuration setting in the MCA software that would allow you to do this. However, could use the MCA API to develop this approach and tie it back into your software.



To add to what Steve said

You can't use the default handler to do this. The default handler is implemented using a startscan - waitforbarcode implementation. The waitforbarcode returns as soon as a barcode is read, and the scan is terminated.

Instead, you would need to do 1 of 2 things.

1) You can use the SDK in your application using a callback with no data action. In this case, you would register your application to receive a callback when the barcode button is pressed. You could then do the start scan explicitly, and use a stop scan instead of a waitforbarcode. This would allow you to continue to scan barcodes as long as you wanted with just one scan. You could then enumerate through the resulting barcodes collection and process them.

2) The other thing you could do would be to use the Default handler development kit, and write your own default handler to do what we described above. The only difference is that it would be outside of your application, and would require further configuration in the config file by the end user, and you would have to figure out how to pass all of the barcodes back to your application. This would be much more difficult, and not nearly as clean.

John C

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