RFID Handler in a Background Java Application

RFID Handler in a Background Java Application

Hi to all,
I deployed a simple java application able to capture RFID event (and show me RFID tag information) when form has focus.
I would to create an application in my system tray that capture RFID events too. The problem is when my application losts focus, because i see another form (ToolTray Form that show RFId ID and Data).
Why my application can't capture the same event?
Is it possible?
Can I use ONLY my application whithout show ToolTray Form?
Thanks to all,

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Hi Antonio,

The MCA software does not send button presses/data to any application but the one in the foreground. This is by design so that multiple applications do not get notified that there was a button press for them.

Using the MCA API you can send captured data to a non-focus window. The MCA API itself can be used anywhere but you have to be in the foreground to get the button pressed event.

If the MCA software did not do it this way then more than one application would get the event and try to use the device, causing contention.

If you search the MCA forum for keyword "focus" as in focus window you will see a number fo similar threads.


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