How to copy MCA configuration files to other systems

How to copy MCA configuration files to other systems

Is there a way to apply a Intelhealthcare.cfg across multiple platforms?

I created a configuration file that modifies the timing of the RFID reader, as well as mapping of the button location.
However when we move it to another device with the same exact image, the button handlers (camera, barcode) no longer function, and we have to revert the settings back to default mode.

Is there something that we are missing? Or is this a limitation of MCA? Given the fact that the CFG file is pertinent to the machine that it was created on.

What would be the recommended method to support multiple platforms that require configuration needs?



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Hi rmanll,

You should be able to copy the MCA config file from machine to machine provided the following items are true:

1. They are all the same MCA tablet hardware.
2. They all have the same version of MCA software (MCA platform driver)
3. They all use the same versions of all the MCA plug-ins.

So basically, if have the same MCA hardware and same MCA software you can copy the config files. If the hardware or software is different, it will not work 100% correctly. You could not for example copy the MCA config file from MCA software v1.x to MCA software v2.x and expect to work. Nor could you copy the MCA config file from a Motion C5 to a Panasonic H1 and expect it to work.

One other scenario may come into play. For example, if you had all Motion C5s, but say they have different MCA plug-in versions for some reason, you would have to copy the plug-ins associated with the config file as well.

You should be able to look at the MCA configuration files and the associated MCA log files to see where the failures are occurring.


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