Intel MCA Compliant Standard

Intel MCA Compliant Standard

Is there documentation/standard that lists what makes a device intel MCA compliant?

For example can I disable or have my RFID operate outside of MCA(meaning it is not hooked in/through), and still have camera and barcode reader work within MCA, and still be considered compliant?



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From a high level, an MCA enabled device must have the following features:

- Healthcare Environment Design
- Healthcare Industrial Design
- Integrated Bar Code Reader
- Integrated RFID Reader
- Mobility Enabled EMR Client Application (done by the ISVs)
- Wireless 802.11 Enabled Communications infrastructure based on this shall be provided by clinical ecosystem suppliers
- Integrated Multi-factor User Authentication
- Rugged Construction & Ingress Protection
- Docking Station
- Integrated Camera

There is some detailed documentation we can provide under NDA which goes into detail about specific requirements.

To answer your question specifically, you can control devices such as the RFID reader outside of the MCA software installed on the system if that is your preference. However, we believe most of what you need to do can be done via MCA APIs so it may not be necessary. Some developers assume the MCA default actions are the only way to use the devices, but almost anything can be done and integrated into custom developed software via the MCA APIs.


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