barcode prefix setting per application

barcode prefix setting per application

I am using the MCA software with the default action/handler for barcode. I have one application that requires a specific barcode prefix and postfix, but all other applications do not use the unique prefix/postfix combination. Is there a way to configure the barcode prefix and postfix on a per application basis?

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If you are using MCA software v2.x or later, you can configure the barcode to use a specific prefix and/or postfix for each application. Lets say for example you would like to add $$ as the post fix and prefix for each barcode for a specific application (but not other applications) you can use these steps to do so:

1. Make sure the application for which the $$ prefix/postfix is installed on the system.

2. Open up the configuration editor in advanced mode by:

A. Open a windows command prompt

B. Change directory to the location the configuration editor is installed

C. Type cfgeditor a

3. Expand the MCA Application entry

4. Expand the Default Handler Action entry

5. Right click on Applications and select Add

A. On the left side, under Applications, Application[0] should appear and be highlighted

6. On the right hand side, click in the value field for the Application Name 2 times (Not a double click)

A. A browse button should appear

7. Click the browse button, and navigate to the application for which the prefix/postfix should be applied

8. On the right hand side, click in the value field for the Prefix 2 times (Not a double click)

A. The text Default Handler[0] should appear as well as a Register button.

9. Click the Register button

10. Expand the Application[0] entry

11. Expand the BarcodeDefaultHandler.dll entry

12. Click on Barcode

13. Enter the prefix/postfix on the right hand side

A. For non-Alpha characters, you will want to use virtual keycodes.

B. This means that for $$, you would use {SHIFT}+{VK052}+{VK052}+{VK052}

Note: You can search for Microsoft virtual key codes on the internet to get a listing

14. Click the Apply button at the bottom of the configuration editor.

15. From the Tools menu, select Reload MCA Application Configuration.

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