Build a Socket on mc5

Build a Socket on mc5


I will proof to make a socket applicattion to send the id information of RFID to a web on the server. I'l like to know if i can use "System.Net.Sockets" like i do with a normal windows applicattion or i have to set the tipe of project to run on a "tablet pc motion c5 application" so. I know that when you make a project with a pda you have to set the project type as a Windows CE, i have to do the same with a motion c5 application or it runs if i make a normal windows application??

I dont have yet the motion c5 tablet pc and id like to proove if the applicattion crashes...Can i modify an rfid example of the sdk to proof it?


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Hi serzarat,

The MCA software is designed to send the returned value of the RFID reading to the MCA tablet. It would not be impossible to take the RFID value and forward to some other software application on another server, but it is not something that we have developed. You could use the MCA API to design your application to forward the value anywhere you wanted to, but we do not have samples or recommendations on how to do that. Maybe some of the other developers on the forum will offer you some suggestions on how they have done it.

You can use the MCA SDK to simulate the functions of the MCA platform driver installed on the Motion C5. The one key difference is that the MCA SDK uses loopback interfaces for RFID and barcode scan values, but otherwise you should be able to experiment with it and expect the same behavior on the Motion C5 when install your application on the C5.


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