Customizing Button Actions

Customizing Button Actions

I am trying to create an application that has registered to the default button(barcode) action. My application gets the barcode and sends it as keystrokes to another application. I saw in MCA SDK 2.0 that it is possible to configure the application as default action using this setting

/Intel/HealthcareSDK/ToolTray/DefaultHandler/BarcodeDefaultHandler.dll/BC-LaunchApp =

My problem is when my application is not active(loses focus or minimized), it is not listening to barcode button press event. I tried to set my application to this key, but when I press the barcode button in my C5, it just launches the application.It is not triggerring the barcode scan process.Is there any other config setting that I am missing? I thought this key is used to keep my application active as well as handle the default button action. Is this correct?

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Hi himalayas,

The button press event will always be sent to the window with focus only. This is because there is no other way for the MCAsoftware to determine wherethe eventshould go.If it was not written this waythere could be other applicationsthat would get the button event at the same timeand try to use the device causing contention.


Hi Steve,

Thanks for your reply. I used the APIs to trigger the scanning process after the application was launched and was able to achieve the functionality I wanted.



I ran into this issue recently. I set my executable to this key - /Intel/HealthcareSDK/ToolTray/DefaultHandler/BarcodeDefaultHandler.dll/BC-LaunchApp =

My application was invoked when the barcode button was pressed and I was able to trigger the scanning from my application. Everything was working fine.

But when the application is already running in the background and when I press the barcode button it is not activating the currently running application.The app is invoked only when there is no instance of application running.

Is there a way to invoke the application that is already running?


Hi himalayas,

Try changing the supporting concurrent instances setting to true (default is false) in the MCA configuration file. This will not take care of any communications between your applications, but it may solve the problem for you. You can set this in the MCA configuration file (C:Program FilesIntelMCABinIntelHealthcare.cfg) with this line:

/Intel/HealthcareSDK/ToolTray/DefaultHandler/BarcodeDefaultHandler.dll/BC-SupportsConcurrentInstances = 1

Where: 1=true and 0=false

Or you can use the MCA Configuration Editor (C:Program FilesIntelMCABinCFGEditor.exe) and change the setting on the path below:

ConfigurationMCA ApplicationDefaultHandlerActionDefault EXEBarcodeBC-SupportsConncurrentInstances=True



Thank you. That was very helpful.

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