Barcode and user profile

Barcode and user profile

Hi there !

I have trouble using barcode button, but only when i use a simple user profile on the motion C5.

While using Administrator account, i press barcode button and then the scan works perfectly.

With an account that does not have Administrator rights, the scan does not start, and button press results in an "error sound" and no error message.

Question is : How to configure the Motion C5 to use barcode button with a profile that only have user permissions ?

Thanks for help :)

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Hi GR_LK2,

The MCA software uses the default Windows XP user groups which are "Everyone" and "SYSTEM".The MCA software assigns/inherits Full Control permissions to both of these default groups which allows members of both groups to use the MCA platform driver functions equally.

However, on the C5, Motion defines user groups that are different than the default Windows XP groups. They include:Administrators, CREATOR OWNER, Power Users, SYSTEM, and Users. The rights assigned to these groups differ based on how Motion has configured the groups. One of the significant changes is that the Users group only has Read permissions instead of Full Control permissions which is the reason why the error occurs.

One way to fix this issue is to change the User group permissions to Full Control on the C5. Settingthe permission toFull Controlmay not be the way you wish to fix the problem, but you can verify that it is a permissions problem with the group by doing this temporarily.

Another way to solve this problem is manually change the Windows registry as follows:

1. Start the program Regedit (either from command line or run on start menu)

2. In the tree control on the left browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Intel -> HealthcareSDK

3. Right click on Intermec select Permissions

4. Click on the add button

5. In the Select Users or Groups dialog type Users and click OK

6. Select the Users group in the Group or user names: box

7. Below in the Permissions for Users box click the Full Control box in the Allow column

FONT face=Verdana>8. Click OK

I would suggest you check with Motion Computing on this issue as well. I believe they have changed the rights assigned to the User group permissions on newer versions of the software image that is loaded on the C5. So they may have an update patch or a complete image that will solve this problem and update your system in general.



Ok i will try to manipulate users permission, and be back to you if i don't find a solution.

Thanks for Help steve ;)


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