Please help! We are using F5, need more info.

Please help! We are using F5, need more info.

We are currently using Motion Computing F5.

We are looking to capture camera image through code (and using .Net 2.0 with C#), any help would be much appreciated.


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Hi editcdc,

The MCA platform driver for the Motion C5 is not officially supported on the F5. However, we have heard of other customers using it with success. You can download the MCA platform driver from the Motion C5 drivers website and install on your F5.

Otherwise, you can use the MCA SDK software on your development PC to develop your application and then try it out on the F5 using the C5 MCA platform driver.

Again, this is not officially supported but will probably work for you.


Hi Steve,

Thanks for your speedy reply, appreciate it.

First, I have downloaded driver files from "motioncomputing" support page and installed the same.

I have download "MCASDK_Setup_Net-1.11.0c.exe" file and installed it on the development machine, and able to build CameraDemoNet (used the Intel_HealthCare.Dll as my .Net assembly reference).

The application was able to run on the development machine and tried the same on Motion F5 and it worked there as well.


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