1. What support does the MCA Software provide for ISO14443?

It is possible to create a default handler to respond to a specific button press, where you can put code to access the RFID reader directly. The default handler could capture a UID, and then write it to the keyboard input buffer (similar to the barcode default handler). It is possible to capture a button press programmatically through the callback with no data button press event, which you can register for. At that point you can write your code to access the RFID reader directly.

2. What is not available for ISO 14443 through the MCA software?

You cannot reserve/release the RFID reader for exclusive use. If you reserve it first, you wont be able to access it programmatically outside of standard MCA calls, which wont apply. There is no abstraction layer from the hardware. If the RFID reader changes, or the dll used to access it is replaced, then the application will likely need to be modified.

3. Why is ISO 14443 listed in the MCA configuration file as a supported protocol if it is not supported by the MCA software today?

Intel has investigated supporting ISO 14443, but has not implemented native support for ISO 14443 at this time. However, we have added the capability to the MCA configuration file to support it if/when it is eventually added to the MCA software in the future.

4. What is the RFID 14443 Demo Code?

This is a proof of concept software code to show that 14443 access is possible on an MCA device. This is a good reference for creating other applications to access the TI7960 reader, but anything past the UID/PUPI is generally proprietary, and will be specific to a 14443 card type. There for it is not covered in the demo code. You can use the demo to see the calls necessary to read a UID from a 14443a card, or get to the PUPI of a 14443b card.

5. What the RFID 14443 Demo Code is not?

There is no relationship to the MCA Software. It is a standalone application. It may be run as a default handler or in standalone mode. In default handler mode, all that is really happening is that the button press is captured, and then the application is launched with the com port name as a command line parameter. Use the configuration editor to make these changes as writing directly to the configuration file can be dangerous and confusing.

6. Where can I get the RFID 14443 Demo Code?

You can download the RFID 14443 Demo Code from here:

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