SDK on Motion C5

SDK on Motion C5

Hi there,

my Motion contact told me, that if I use the SDK 2.0 on the C5, it will speak to the real hardware, and only on development machines it uses the Loopbacks, is this really correct? Because in the Intel docs I can only read, that this is not possible.
I need some RFID functions from the SDK2.0 (iso14443 should there be available without hassle, Motion told me).
So please can anybody, who can say this absolutely for sure, bring some light in the dark?

And if it is possible, how do I have to set up the configuration to use the real hardware?

Thanks in advance,
kind regards

Michael M.

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Hi Michael,

The MCA SDK is designed to run a development system only and to use loopback interfaces instead of the real hardware. This allows developers to code their applications to run on an MCA system without actually having the system in hand. This is not different from MCA SDK 1.x to MCA SDK 2.x.

You can use the MCA SDK 2.0 to develop your application on development system, but you should not install MCA SDK 2.0 onto an actual MCA system like the Motion C5.If you install the MCA SDK onto the Motion C5 the hardware interfaces will be disabled and it will function in loopback mode only as if it were on any other development system.

Motion is validating the MCA SDK 2.0 Platform Driver for the C5 now and should release it soon.


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