Using Windev with Motion C5

Using Windev with Motion C5

Hi there :)

I'm using Windev 12, and working on applications that will be deployed on Desktop PCs, and Motion C5.

My question is : where can i find a list of function i can call using API call in windev. (name of function and wich DLL)

Here is the syntax :

in french :

= API(, [, [, [,...]]])


= API(, [, , ... )

I need to use barecode scanner first. I will soon need to use RFID and digit scanner.

Thanks for help

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The list of MCA APIs for each interface is listed in the HELP directory of the MCA SDK installation. For example:

Java = C:Program FilesIntelMCAHelpJava_APIhelp-doc.html
.Net = C:Program FilesIntelMCAHelpMCA .Net API.chm
C Interface = C:Program FilesIntelMCAHelpC_APIindex.html

Take a look at these documents depending on which interface you are using and it should be pretty self explanatory.



yes i had noticed this help files, but i didn't know which dll to call. Now i think am on the right way since i tried with all dll's :)

i use IntelHealthCareSDK.dll, and my programs does not crash anymore. (it used to crash with error : can't find BC_Reserve function in file XXXXXX.dll )

So now i just have to train using this functions.

Thanks for help :)

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