MCA SDK v2.0 - Device Issues

MCA SDK v2.0 - Device Issues

Hi There,

I have the MCA Platform Driver version 1.11.2 installed on a C5 and I am using the MCA SDK v2.0 on my development machine. Could I firstly confirm that these are correct to work with each other?

I have written a very small app to access the RFID reader, however as with a couple of other posts I've seen in the forum I am getting the error: "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: format" straight after calling the new RfidReader() constructor.

There is also nothing being generated in the MCA logfile which from reading within this forum indicates the two are not communicating correctly.

This is quite an urgent development I am working on and was hoping somebody might have any ideas as to how to get around this issue.

Thanks for your time,


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Hi Again,

I seemed to have jumped ahead too far and realised that the SDK v2.0 is a very recent release, I've rewritten the program using the SDK v1.11 which has stopped the above error from occurring, however I am now getting the error :"Rfid Reader device name 'RFID DEVICE' was not found' (the name of the device I gained from the config editor). However I will look into this. The above issue is now not a problem.




Motion usually releases the platform driver about 30 to 60 days after the release of the SDK. You can check directly with Motion to see if they can get you a copy. Let us know if you need any more assistance.

John C

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