SDK Version 2.0 vs Platform Driver 1.11.2 for C5

SDK Version 2.0 vs Platform Driver 1.11.2 for C5


I've downloaded the SDK version 2.0 and installed it on my development PC. Everything works fine.
But when running the CameraDemoJava Application on the Motion C5 I recieve an error saying:
java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError: core is incompatible with java layer

The Platformdriver 1.11.2 on the C5 is not compatible with the SDK Version 2.0, does it?

Do you know any solutions how to get it working?
Or do you know wether Motion Computing intends to release a PD Version2.0?



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Hi Markster,

Not all pieces of the MCA SDK v2.0 will run on the older v1.x MCA platform driver as you have discovered.Motion will release an MCAv2.0 platform driver and that will solve the problem for you. They have a separate validation process they run the MCA platform driver software through as part of their package release. I do not have a schedule for their release, but it typically tends to be 30-60 days after the SDK is released.


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