Mobile Clinical Assistant SDK v2.0 Now Available

Mobile Clinical Assistant SDK v2.0 Now Available

The Intel Mobile Clinical Assistant Development Team is pleased to announce the release of the Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA) Software Development Kit (SDK) version 2.0. As part of Intel's continued investment in the MCA platform, version 2.0 provides the following incremental key capabilities:

* Custom application-specific button action handlers: Create unique default actions per application with the Default Handler Development Kit (DHDK) library.

* Launching executables as a default action: Launch an application as the default action for button presses--even in a Citrix presentation server environment.

* MCA Configuration File Editor Support: View and configure the platform settings on the MCA system to optimize peripheral behavior and usability for applications.

* Image Edit Sample code: The sample code to determine how to develop application with image cropping and annotation features using the Microsoft INK API

* Retrieve MCA platform properties: A set of APIs to get the MCA platform settings and properties to facilitate the configuration of the integrated devices. For example:

-Camera: Option value, image dimension, illumination level of the embedded flash, and video frame size and frame rate

-RFID: Data range, end of data segment bit pattern, timing of data segment read, tag protocol

-Barcode: Maximum barcode length, minimum barcode length, and barcode scan type

* Increased Camera Support

-List all supported camera modes, i.e. image and video resolutions, and video frame rate to enable the application to set the optimal settings for image and video capture.

- GIF and TIFF image formats

For further information on the Mobile Clinical Assistant Software Development Kit version 2.0, please download a copy of the MCA SDK v2.0 Development Guide. The guide contains all the required documentation for software vendors to take advantage of these exciting features.

The MCA SDK, the Developer Guide, and the Default Handler Development Guide can all be downloaded here:

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