how to activate Camera?

how to activate Camera?

hi, I have installed SDK to my developing machine and I copy dlls and exe (CameraDemoNet.exe) to the tabletbut it doesn't detect any camera. I have tested the hardware button on the leftside and it shows up camera without any problem. I think the software doesn't activate the camera and how can I activate it? thanks! we like to be able to take video. thanks!

please check here for the screen

hardware: motion computing, MC-C5, U1400 1.20 GHz, 792 MHz, 1G RAM

SDK is not isntalled in the tablet

"Medical Clinical Assistant Software" is installed

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Hi bobyang,

Did you install the MCA SDK onto the C5? If you did, that is a problem. The C5 comes with the MCA Platform Driver already installed and installing the MCA SDK onto the C5 on top of the MCA Platform Driver will cause problems for you.

The MCA SDK is meant to be installed on a development PC only, not onto actual MCA hardware such as the Motion C5. This is because the MCA SDK use loopback interfaces for the devices, where are the MCA Platform Driver supports the actual physical device (RFID, Barcode, Camera) built in the C5.

You will need to uninstall all the MCA software from the C5, and then reinstall only the MCA Platform Driver. You can do this via Control Panel, AddRemove programs. Once you have uninstalled both the MCA SDK and MCA PD, reboot the C5.

You will have to download theMCA Platform Driver from the Motion Computing web site at the URL below. Theycall it "Medical Clinical Assistant Software " on their web site, but it is what we refer to as the MCA Platform Driver.

Once you have the MCA PD installed, you can then copy the demo applications over from the SDK onto the C5 if you want to experiment. But don't install the MCA SDK on the C5, just copy the files you want to move over.



thanks for the information.
no, we didn't install SDK to that machine.

it is a clear machine out of the box. we have downloaded the driver from motion computing and because it was isntalled already. so we choose "repair" and restart the computer.

then we move dlls and exe from SDK "BIN" folder to the C5. then we get the message of no camera has been detected message.

the hardware works correctly because we can press the hardware button to take picture.

any thing else I need to took at?


FYI, when we click on the hardware camera button, we hit "ding-dong" which sounds like the USB port is connected. Then after few seconds the preview box disapper and we hear another "ding-dong" which sounds the hardware has been disconnected from the system.

do you think that's the reason causes we cannot see the camera device?

Hi bobyang,

As I mentioned previously, my recommendation is to completely uninstall all MCA software, reboot, and then reinstall the MCA Platform Driver. Once you have done that then test it again before copying or installing any other software. If it still does not work at that point then you should contact Motion Computing ( ).



Thank you.we have followed your guide of unisntall, reboot, and install we still get the same error, "Camera device named '' was nto found. (unable to get last error)"

The weird thing is that it works with hardware camera button. FYI, every time we press hardware button, it seems like plugging the camera to system which detects that and then initializes the camera. I guess we need to contact motion computing.

thank you for help!

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