No Tag found - For any tag..

No Tag found - For any tag..


I installed the MCA PD 1.11 on the C5 and am trying to read the ISO15693 card but it always says No Tag Found. The MCA error log says the following:

R [2008-04-28 11:59:27.625] {S0-P3764-T3076} [PCF] Loaded {RFID Device}. Plugin Version {}, Driver Version {}, Firmware Version {Firmware Version 2.1M >}.
E [2008-04-28 11:59:32.703] {S0-P3764-T3076} [ButtonHandler] RfidButtonHandler::CaptureData: Tag cannot be found in the specified time
E [2008-04-28 11:59:32.734] {S0-P3764-T3076} [ButtonHandler] HandleButton: err=-3
E [2008-04-28 11:59:32.734] {S0-P3764-T3076} [TTA] Error from DefaultHandler HandleButton:;DATA#-3
E [2008-04-28 11:59:32.750] {S0-P3764-T3076} [TTA] Error from mBtnHandMgr.HandleButton: ;DATA#-44

I have tried with 2-3 different tag manufacturers tags but it doesnt read any one of them. Any ideas?


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Hi Husain,

From the log file snippet,it looks like the reader is just timing out as if a tag is not present. There are a some common reasons why this would occur:

1. The tag is too far away from the RFID reader. The RFID read is located on the right hand side of the C5 (you will see a label on the C5). Try rubbing the tag onto the C5 to verify you are close enough. It will normally pick up the tags within an inch or so, but touching it to the C5 will make sure you are close enough.

2. The tag is not ISO15693 compliant. We do occasionally see vendors who claim to sell ISO15693 tags, but they are missing the required fields and so the reader does not recognize them

3. The RFID reader is disabled. Check the Motion dashboard to verify it is enabled.



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