My code doesn't work!

My code doesn't work!

hi steven,thank you for answering my last question.Now I meet the new trouble .when my program runs at PC,shift+F1 hotkey can

callback the BarcodesScanned event correctly,but when i run it on the mca ,it doestn't work.Otherwise ,even on the mca,the

BarcodeButtonClick event seemed good.Is that the device have not release? I can use the barcodebutton to input the code to

the notepad.
my codes as below:
Intel.Healthcare.Device.Buttons btn;
EventHandler mBarcodeScannedHand = null;

public FormMain()

btn = new Buttons(this.Handle);
mBarcodeScannedHand = new EventHandler(mBtn_BarcodesScanned);
this.btn.BarcodesScanned += this.mBarcodeScannedHand;

void mBtn_BarcodesScanned(object sender, BarcodeEventArgs args)

string displayStr = "the code is :" + args.BarcodeReader.Barcodes[0].Value + "<" + args.BarcodeReader.Barcodes

[0].Type.ToString() + ">";


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Hi Sealot,

If the barcode is read when you push the physical barcode button, then that means you implemented it correctlyand that is the expected behavior. The shift-F1 action on a PC with the MCA SDK installed is meant to emulate the physical barcode button on an actual MCA hardware device such as the Motion C5. However, the shift-F1keyboard action is not expected to cause a barcode read on the Motion C5 because there is a physical button present.


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