Need help about the drivers

Need help about the drivers

hi Steven, I delete the drivers in the MCA Device ,now the camera and barcode device can't work at all.Can i download the drivers or restore it back to origin? thx.

i had install the SDK version1.1,but it can't make the device work.

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Hi sealot,

The MCA SDK does not include any hardware drivers, it only uses loopback interfaces. So installing the MCA SDK onto a MCA device that has physical interfaces such as a camera, RFID and barcode will actually cause additional problems.The MCA Platform Driver is installed onhardware that actually has the built-in devices.

You did not mention which MCA device you have, but I'll assume it is the Motion Computing C5 tablet since it is the only MCA Hardware platform currently shipping. If it is another vendor in development, then the process is the same but you will have to contact them instead of Motion Computing.

Here are the steps you will need to take:

1. In Control Panel Add or Remove Programs, uninstall the MCA SDK software, andreboot
2. In Control Panel Add or Remove Programs, uninstall the MCA Platform Driver, and reboot
3. Download and reinstall the MCA Platform Driver. This is available from the Motion Computing web site. They call it the "Medical Clinical Assistant Software". I would recommend installing v1.11.
4. Download and install any additional hardware drivers you need. These will also be available from Motion Computing web site or their support team.

The Motion Computing web siteis located at:


Hello Steve,

I use the SDK v.1.11 on my PC to develop applications. There is an old version of the Medical Clinical Assistant Software on my Motion Computing C5. only provides the v1.11 for Windows XP. My C5 is running with Windows Vista.
Can I use the Medical Clinical Assistant Software v1.11 for XP on my Vista?


Hi Markster,

The MCAsoftware v1.11 will run on Windows XP or Windows Vista, so you will have no problems using it. However, I do not believe that Motion Computing has launched Vista support on the C5 tablet yet. I would highly recommend you check with Motion Computing before installing Vista on your C5. They may have some configuration recommendations or gotchas to be aware of if you want to be an early adapter of Vista on the C5. You can contact Motion at this URL:



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