Code 39 barcodes won't scan

Code 39 barcodes won't scan

Our hosptial security badges will not scan. We use 3 of 9 (Code 39) barcodes. Have checked that its enabled and active. It will scan other barcodes (coke cans, dry erase board bottles, etc). HELP!!!!

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Check this post out. maybe it will help.

I actually tried that before posting my question. I actually can get it to scan once. But it takes quite the effort. It's just a regular security badge and it is not damaged.

Hi Imcis,

Another thing to check is how the barcodes are being printed. Are you using barcode printing software like B-Coder or Bartender?

If you are printing them out from a Windows application like Word using TrueType fonts they will likely not work. The problem with using TrueType fonts to generate barcodes is that it prints the character as the equivalent in the barcode format which does not take into account the start and stop characters. For Code39 barcodes it is typically a *. For Code128, the start/stop varies depending on which character set is used for encoding. Code 128 also uses a check digit, this is not being created by TrueType font printed barcodes. When you use TrueType fonts to create a barcode of say 1234, you will get the characters 1234 printed to look like a barcode but it is missing important parts of the barcodes that will actually make it work.


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