Communicating with C5s RFID reader using Processing

Communicating with C5s RFID reader using Processing

I have developed an application using Processing which reads
the RFID tag and paste it to an URL in the browser.

It actually uses a serial port library and communicates with
the reader through the com port.

The application works fine in my pilot platform which is a HP
tablet PC and PCI/MCI RFID reader.

I have run the application on the C5 and assigned COM4 to
read from but no result.

I am just wondering if there is any way to configure my application
to work with C5s RFID reader through its serial ports?

Your help will be highly appreciated


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Hi Ardelene,

The MCA software installed on the Motion C5 is called the MCA Platform Driver and is is designed to work with the specific barcode scanner and RFID reader hardware that is built into the Motion C5. Like your configuration, the barcode and RFID hardware on the C5 are assigned to com ports. If you look at the MCA configuration file (C:Program FilesIntelMCABinintelhealthcare.cfg) on the Motion C5 you will see the lines that load the specific driver for for barcode and RFID readers, as well as the ports they are assigned to. Here is a sample:

/Intel/HealthcareSDK/Plugin[0]/Location = PIRfidTI7960.dll
/Intel/HealthcareSDK/PluginConfig/Rfid/RFID Device/SerialPort = COM4

/Intel/HealthcareSDK/Plugin[3]/Location = PIBarcodeIntrmc.dll
/Intel/HealthcareSDK/PluginConfig/Barcode/Barcode Device/IscpPlugin/SerialPort = 3

The problem you have in trying to use different hardware with the Motion C5 is that the MCA software configuration, or MCA Platform Driver, has been custom designed for the C5. This means the MCA platform drives for the C5 will not work with other hardware I.e. the external reader you are trying to use. The hardware DLLs specified in the MCA configuration files are for the hardware built-in the C5.

So does that mean you cannot use your hardware with the C5? No, it just means that the MCA software will not interface with the other hardware. You could write your application to pull the data from the external reader directly instead of through the MCA software

We are in the process of developing what we call the MCA Plug-In Developer Kit (PDK) which may be of help to you. The idea behind the MCA PDK is that we provide the information for developers to integrate the hardware of their choice into the MCA software by providing instruction for them to create software plug-ins for their hardware.

Each peripheral has a plug-in that lets the MCA middleware communicate with them in a consistent and defined manner. Using plug-ins allows the MCA middleware to remain the same, even if the attached peripherals change. The current MCA architecture defines a single interface type (Type 1) for compatible plug-ins. A Type 1 plug-in is a dynamic link library (DLL) that exposes a set of C language interface functions. The MCA middleware loads this DLL in process and calls these functions in a well-defined sequence to control the peripheral. In the future, additional plug-in interface types may be defined for other platform architectures.

This allows developers to use as many different hardware devices as they want without waiting for Intel to produce an MCA platform driver for their specific application (like we do for the Motion C5). The MCA PDK is in beta stage right now. I may be able to provide you a preview of this if your are interested and committed to developing your own plug-ins.


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