Bar code scanner and drivers license

Bar code scanner and drivers license

The company I work for is evaluating a Motion C5 with a built in bar code scanner.

We have a 3rd party application that will decode drivers license data from the
bar code scanner and allow us to auto-fill a form that is being displayed on the computer but only if the bar code scanner will direct it's output to a com port
and not to the keyboard buffer.

Is there a setting for the scanner that would enable the bar code scanner to
re-direct its output to a com port and not to the keyboard buffer ?

I have been in contact with Motion Computing and they are telling us that
we would have to use the Intel SDK to write an application that would
give us this functionality.

So by using the Intel SDK can I write a .NET application that reads the raw
data from the bar code scanner and then directs it to a com port ?

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You can not change the default actions set in the MCA.

You will need to use an API in order to do what you are looking for.

You can look at the SDK for some examples that might be helpful.

John C

So there is no way to not have the output go to the keyboard buffer ?

Hi dmmccollough,

The MCA software default action is to post the value of the barcode scan into the active window when the scan occurs. For example, if notepad is open the scan will post the barcode data into notepad. This would be the same case if you application was the active window. This default action is not configuarable in the MCA software. So if you want to do something other than the default action, you will have to use the MCA API calls for the desired action you wish to occur. The default is action of posting the data in the active window is really just a sample of what you can do with the MCA software. Most developers do not use the default action and use the API calls to actually do something more specific with the barcode scan as it applies to their software. So yes, it is entirely possible to do what want to do, but you are going to have to code that action in your software using the MCA API calls to do it.


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