Truncated Data from Barcode Scan

Truncated Data from Barcode Scan

I havesome Motion Computing C5 tablets with the barcode reader, and am usingthem in a hospital setting for medication administration checking. The application requires user authentication with their ID badge, which contains an Interleaved 2 of 5 barcode comprised of 18 digits. Intermittently, the transmitted data from the ID badge barcode scan is truncated so that it transmits only the first portion (variable length, but usally around 10 digits) or the last portion of the needed 18 digits from the ID badge's barcode. This of course causes the application not to authenticate the user ("Access Denied"). Has anyone seen this or might anyone have any idea how I might be able to resolve this issue?

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Hi Mark,

This is a fairlycommon problem using barcodes typesthat do incorporate a CRC check. It could be caused by the way the user is scanning the barcode, the reflectiveness of the material the barcode is on, or any other number of common barcode read problems. When a barcode type with CRC check is used, it can then determine that the barcode read is correct or notbefore it is ever passed up to the authentication application. Using a barcode type with CRC checkmaynotbe possible for you right now, but definitely consider it in the future.

Another way to work around this is use the MCA API to determine if the correct barcode type is read, and the required number of characters was sent. This will require some programming on your part using the MCA API and you can see the MCA SDK for samples. Using this method, the verification of the barcode type and the number of received characters can be done before the barcode data is sent to the authentication application. You couldeven pop up a warning message that the barcode was not read correctly, and do something like show an example of how to scan it correctly or add additional help text to help the user scan it correctly.


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